Policijski sindikat Srbije učesnik "Balkanske konfencije sindikata policije"

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 Conclusions of the conference in Bucharest held on 3 September 2010 organised by the SNPPC and the ACP

The conference participants have called on the professional council EPU to draft resolutions on the following topics:

1.      Reducing violence against police officers

2.      Safety/security risks due to the economic crisis.33



The united police associations making up the EPU call on the European Parliament and the European Commission to reduce the increasing rate of violence against police officers.


The EPU calls on the parties to call on all member states to systematically address and reduce this violence and its consequences.


This systematic approach features the following elements at the level of the member states: 


1.      Improvement of legal status and compensation/remuneration for damages suffered by police officers who are victims of violence

2.      An approach that makes the public aware that violence against police officers, as a part of the government, is unacceptable.

3.      Improvements in tracing, prosecution, and penalties for violence against police.

4.      Provision of education, training, and resources to enable police officers to adequately ensure their own safety.




The united police associations making up the EPU urgently call on the European Parliament and the European Commission to take explicit heed of the risks of the economic crisis for security/safety.


In this regard, the EPU would like to highlight the following risks:

1.      Increased (im)migration by large groups of (underprivileged) citizens, which could result in social unrest in member states.

2.      The increase in mala fide/criminal activities related to im(migration).

3.      The increasing pressure on the police and justice systems to improve/increase public order, law enforcement, and tracing. Cutbacks in the police and justice systems pose major obstacles to the police meeting these expectations.

4.      Police officers want to be able to perform their work in an honest and professional manner. It is certainly in the interest of governments for the public to trust the police as upholders of order, peace, and safety.   Cutbacks in police income put this under pressure, resulting in turn in a substantial increase in the risk of corruption.

As a result, citizens may/will lose trust in the police, and thus also the government (to a considerable degree).

5.      Economic recovery/growth has been expressly linked to social and societal peace and order. Companies/organisations will restrict/relocate their investments if safety is not adequately guaranteed. Therefore, Europe's economic recovery is closely bound up with ensuring adequate public order, peace, and safety.


With respect to the above, the EPU calls on the responsible parties to:

1.      The united police associations making up the EPU call on the European Parliament and the European Commission to set up specific research/monitoring of the developments listed under 1 and 2.

2.      To restrict cutbacks in the police and justice systems to an absolute minimum and/or to begin investing in police and justice systems (see point 3 for details). The further intensify cooperation between police and justice.

3.      Restrict cutbacks in police officer income to an absolute minimum and/or return this income to pre-crisis levels (see point 4 for details).

4.      Give careful consideration to security/safety as a crucial factor for success for the economic recovery and stimulating investment (see point 5 for details).



Working Time Directive:

Discuss during the EPU convention in Luxembourg to be held this coming 9-10 September. At this convention, the EPU will formulate its position with respect to the Social Dialogue on this topic with the European Commission and the European Parliament.